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Tradical® hemp and lime products

Tradical® Hemcrete® is an insulating, phase change, breathable building material made of Tradical® HB - hemp binder and Tradical® HF - hemp shiv products.

The development of the Tradical® HB special lime binder specifically for use with Tradical® HF hemp shiv offers, to mainstream construction, materials that have the ability to make a very significant contribution in combating global climate change. Fast growing hemp stores carbon during its growth and releases oxygen into the atmosphere. The overall CO2 balance for Tradical® hemp and lime products is such that captured carbon is retained within the fabric of a building.

This sequestration of atmospheric CO2 offers an exciting opportunity to grow and produce sustainable, natural fibre, insulation and construction materials. Over fifteen years of experience in hemp lime technology has been gained by Lhoist companies in continental Europe and the transfer of this patented knowledge to the UK market comes through Lhoist UK with Tradical® hemp and lime products.

Tradical® Hemcrete® wall systems have BBA Approval.  Click on the BBA logo below to download a copy of the certificate.

 Tradical® Hemcrete® for wall construction   


Tradical® Hemcrete® provides the filling and the insulation for timber-framed walls. The wooden frame can be completely encompassed by the Tradical® Hemcrete® or the timber can be made visible on one or both faces, depending upon the dimensions of walling and timbers.

As well as being ideal for new construction, Tradical® Hemcrete® is well suited for the renovation and repair of old timber-framed buildings as a viable and sympathetic replacement for the original wall in-fill.

One very important product feature is that the breathability brought by Tradical® Hemcrete® is continuously drying the wooden structure therby contributing to its longevity.

Among the important technical considerations for wall infilling materials, is that the excellent vapour permeability provided by Tradical® Hemcrete® is continuously drying the wooden structure and thereby protecting it from deterioration mechanisms and extending its longevity. The light weight of Tradical® Hemcrete® means that lightweight timber framing and foundation structures can be used which reduces costs and construction time making Tradical® Hemcrete® a very efficient building medium.

The high insulation of the Tradical® Hemcrete® in-fill means that single wall structure provides sufficient insulation and does not require additional insulation and avoids the need for cavity wall construction. This makes construction speed and simplicity a very attractive feature of Tradical® Hemcrete®construction.


Please contact us for further information on the application of Tradical® Hemcrete® in roofs, floors and as additional insulation for existing buildings.

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